We cover 83,878 km² (32,385 mi²) of Austria.

Moosmayr supplies Austria’s tobacco shops with tobacco products of all descriptions. Of our 15 percent share of the Austrian tobacco market, we make some 12 percent with British American Tobacco and about 2.5 percent with Von Eicken. The rest is split up between smaller European manufacturers. In the shag segment of other tobacco products, our market share amounts to about 40 percent.

British American Tobacco is number two on the world market. Their brands include Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Parisienne and Vogue, all of which are well-established on the Austrian market and show a continued growth.

Von Eicken is a medium-sized, family-owned German business and has – in addition to Excite, Pepe and Manitou – placed the best-seller Batton on the Austrian market as their leading brand.