What counts is the future.

Businesses with a history dating back almost 100 years have witnessed profound economic changes: From World Wars to reconstruction and development, from economic booms such as the Wirtschaftswunder to a globalised, neoliberal economy.

For a family-owned business, it can be easier in some cases and harder in others to survive turning points of this magnitude. What counts is the readiness to evolve, even if this is made difficult by legal regulations and unexpected market changes.



We supply Austria and beyond.

From Hofkirchen in Upper Austria, our company’s business connections span the entire EU and extend all the way to South Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Products supplied by Moosmayr are found in more than 6,000 tobacco shops in Austria alone. If anyone buys a Zippo lighter, for example, this was probably shipped from our Hofkirchen warehouse, in case of a pack of Lucky Strike or Batton cigarettes, definitely so. The same is true for pipes by Vauen. Recently, we started supplying “our“ tobacconists with Red Bull energy drinks.

In Austria, our share of the tobacco market is about 15 percent, with the brands of our partners British American Tobacco accounting for 12 and Von Eicken just over 2.5 percent. Our market share in the shag segment of other tobacco products is about 40 percent. In the lighters segment, our market share ranges at 30 to 40 percent and is showing some growth. All this in a country that had been supplied with tobacco products by a government monopoly until recently, mind you.



We move merchandise to supply people

The logistics behind an area-wide distribution is best illustrated by some numbers: In 2012, 613,000 parcels left our Hofkirchen site. On average, about 35 Million cigarettes were shipped out per week.  In total, about 11,800 packages were shipped every week.

Order entry and shipment of our commodities happens five days a week. In more than 98 percent of the transactions, our forwarding partner Post AG delivers within 24 hours.

Since 2008, the Hofkirchen site has been the company’s headquarters. The plot has 30,000 m² (7 acres), 12,000 m² (3 acres) of which are covered with buildings. The warehouse accounts for 10,500 m² (2 ½ acres), the rest is occupied by offices and sales areas such as the distinctly partitioned show room.

Currently, Moosmayr has some 100 employees, annual revenues in the fiscal year 2012
amounted to 279 Million Euros. These numbers show a growing tendency.