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The history of the family-owned business started September 4, 1916. Maria Christina Jobst, a war widow, was granted a “Tabakverlag mit Verlagstrafik“, a tobacco distribution and retail business that was strictly regulated in the Austrian empire. After she got married to August Moosmayr two years later, the shop rapidly gained in posperity and developed a reputation as a friendly, customer-oriented and comprehensive local supplier.

In 1954, Gustav Moosmayr the older took over the company’s management. From 1970 on, he was in charge of the tobacco wholesale distribution in Wels. This town remained the company’s permanently growing main site until 2008. When Gustav Moosmayr, the current owner, took over in 1986, the company already enjoyed a marvellous reputation as a reliable distributor of tobacco products and stationary items. As Austria joined the EU in 1995, Austria Tabak lost its monopoly and Moosmayr specialised in the distribution of stationary.

In 2002, the company successfully started importing tobacco products with Von Eicken cigarettes (“Batton“, formerly “Burton“). Michael Moosmayr, who entered the company in 1998, has been developing the Far East as a production market since 2004.

With the contract for the distribution logistics for BAT, 2006 saw the final break-through of Moosmayr to become a Big Player in Austria. In the same year, the Hofkirchen distribution center was opened. In 2009, it turned into the sole company site.



is written in its history as a family business:

Short decision-making paths, clear-cut responsibilities and accountability will continue to define how Moosmayr works. Innovative thinking, a keen sense of markets and consumers as well as working with pleasure will contribute to a successful future.