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Moosmayr is the Austrian wholesaler for tobacco products from British American Tobacco, the world‘s second largest producer of tobacco products, with famous brands such as Pall Mall, Parisienne and Lucky Strike.

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Distribution and order logistics


Products supplied by Moosmayr are found in more than 6,000 tobacco shops in Austria alone. If anyone buys a Zippo lighter, for example, this was probably shipped from our Hofkirchen warehouse, in case of a pack of Lucky Strike or Batton cigarettes, definitely so. The same is true for pipes by Vauen. Recently, we started supplying “our“ tobacconists with Red Bull energy drinks.

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Tobacco products


The logistics behind an area-wide distribution is best illustrated by some numbers:

In 2012, 613,000 parcels left our Hofkirchen site. On average, about 35 Million cigarettes were shipped out per week. This translates to 9,722 packages, each containing 18 cartons. In total, about 11,800 packages were shipped every week.

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The company's history


The history of the family-owned business started September 4, 1916. Maria Christina Jobst, a war widow, was granted a “Tabakverlag mit Verlagstrafik“, a tobacco distribution and retail business that was strictly regulated in the Austrian empire. After she got married to August Moosmayr two years later, the shop rapidly gained in posperity and developed a reputation as a friendly, customer-oriented and comprehensive local supplier.

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