Family business in 4th generation

Family business in 4th generation


The future counts

The future counts

Family business
with tradition

Our history goes back over a century and has gone through major changes such as world wars, economic miracles and crises. As a witness to these events, we have continued to evolve and are always ready for new challenges.

Product diversity, competent employees and a tight logistic system with short response times are just a few aspects that characterize the company. With over 12,000 products, we provide a broad assortment that is regularly updated to match with current trends. Due to our optimized logistic processes, we can deliver orders of Austrian retailers within 2 workdays.

As the third-largest supplier of tobacco products supplier in Austria, we cover 15% of all cigarettes and 35% of all fine-cut tobacco. However, we are more than just tobacco. We are also pioneers in Next-Generation products such as e-cigarettes, liquids, and nicotine pouches. Products of Moosmayr can be found in over 5.000 tobacco shops in Austria alone.

Our business relationships extend from Hofkirchen across the entire EU to South Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Our goal is to offer high-quality products at the best prices to maximize customer satisfaction.

Hofkirchen an der Trattnach has been the headquarter of the company since 2008. With an area of 30.000 m2, ongoing renovations and digitalization, we are ideally positioned for the future. In 2021, with an investment of 12 million euros, a high-bay warehouse with up to 6,400 pallet spaces and a CUBY shuttle warehouse with up to 16,000 container has been added.

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures


The history of the
The company has already
started over a century ago.

50 countries

Our business connections extend across the entire EU to South Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

15 percent

Our market share in Austria is approximately 15 percent in the cigarette sector. For fine-cut tobacco it’s even 35 percent.

16.000 packages

Every week approx. 16,000 parcels leave our building.

About 130

Our company
employs well over
100 employees.


Moosmayr Holding is the parent company of the operational Moosmayr Ges.m.b.H. and unites several companies and countries under one roof. As a holding company, Moosmayr is not only active in Austria, but also extends its supply through subsidiaries to Germany.
Thanks to the acquisition of Sirius Match Austria GmbH in February 2023, we can proudly welcome the renowned brands “Sirius”, “Feurius” and “Cricket” to our assortment. Traditional and strong brands like these represent quality, innovation, and sustainability. Values that have made them an integral part of Austrian shelves and we are eager to continue.
While acquiring Sirius Match Austria GmbH, we also continue our commitment to support the organization “Licht ins Dunkel” by producing and distributing “Licht ins Dunkel” products. The donation share from the sale of matches, lighters, and lanterns is transmitted directly to the organization and used for comprehensive support of social projects in Austria.



Conferment of “Tabakverlag mit Verlagstrafik” in Haag am Hausruck to Maria Christina Jobst. Continuation of business with husband August Moosmayr.


Transfer of the company management to son Gustav Moosmayr.


Acceptance of “Tabakverlag” in Wels. This location also becomes the new headquarter of the company.


Transfer of the company management to son Gustav Moosmayr Junior. Followed by a specialization for the wholesale of tobacco products.


Successful entry into tobacco import. In the following years, the production market in the Far East was built.


With the takeover of logistics for BAT, we achieved the final breakthrough to become a Big Player in Austria. The new logistics center in Hofkirchen an der Trattnach opened.


The location in Hofkirchen an der Trattnach becomes the sole company headquarter.


Moosmayr Ges.m.b.H becomes the exclusive partner for RTI. Their well-known brand OCB has been delivered exclusively through Hofkirchen to Austrian tobacconists ever since. Transfer of the company management to the children Michael and Susanne Moosmayr.


Expansion of business relationships to retail chains such as hardware and grocery stores.


Entry into the cigarette vending machine business.
Expansion of the company building in Hofkirchen with investment costs of 12 million euros. The expansion includes a high-bay warehouse with up to 6.400 pallet spaces and a CUBY shuttle warehouse with up to 16.000 container.


Expansion by 8 new packing lines to a total of 24 stations.
Acquisition of the company “Sirius Match Austria GmbH” and the resulting expansion of the product range with the brands “Sirius”, “Feurius”, “Cricket”, and “Licht ins Dunkel”.